No job yet but an update

A lot has happened. We lost a brother due to cancer, a child we took to college in August,  and with all those things happening,  I kind of just gave up on the job search. I acquired a really good client, though like all contracts, it’s not permanent, but at any rate I had to give them my all and that didn’t leave much time for job hunting. We all know, with all the online forms you have to fill out, is a full time job! I know it’s bad to give up, but when you apply to hundreds of jobs and get barely nibbles, and the nibbles you get either decide not to hire right now, or turn into dead ends, it’s depressing.

We are supposed to go on vacation in October. It’s an inherited time share and we go every October. I have a daughter getting married the following month. So, my plan is starting Dec 1st to focus in again on applying for jobs. In the meantime I keep writing for clients, and that’s fine. I like it. But, I really want to work at a college. I know I have a lot to offer in many different areas and I am not going to give up until I am hired.

I am going to limit my search areas this time though. I really want to move near Cary, NC where my oldest daughter lives. The other kids have talked about moving to that area as well, eventually. I dream of living near all my girls when they start having babies. I don’t know if I can handle being too far from them once babies are involved! So, now I have more focus: Job in a college and near Cary, NC. Incidentally, I was born in NC, so that area is HOME for me even though my father’s military career took me away from it.

Anyway, so expect more posts from me in the future, just not for the next couple of months.


About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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