New Year and New Job Applications

2dRWtoRToday I have applied for 7 jobs.

As the rejections or interview requests come in, I’ll tell you all about them. But, know this: Not one job pays more than 11 dollars an hour. I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that if I want to get a job, I will need to prove myself first. I’ll need to take a low paying job for a couple of years, then apply for the jobs that will make my pursuit of higher education and a Masters of Science degree worth it.

A lot of people ask me why I keep applying for jobs when I have my own business.

I’ll try to explain.

I make enough money from home to support myself. But, I don’t make enough to pay for health insurance, plus to be completely honest, I started my business because I could not find a job that I liked. While I’m good at my job, it’s not really my calling. I’ve been a stay at home mom or wife my entire life. I want to try something else. I will likely always work from home via the Internet as a side venture. I love making money online. But, I want more.

I want a “real job” that I go to each day, get benefits, vacation pay, etc… and I want to do my online business too. And yes, I have time to do both. Plus, if I had a regular job I would have more money to invest in a few online business related things that I really want to do. Currently, my main money making activity is content writing. This takes an enormous amount of time away from my other love, affiliate marketing.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, essentially it’s recommending products for a percentage of sales.

Many blogs and websites offer products and services and earn money as a way to support their efforts on the website or blog. I do that on some of my other blogs, not this one, so far. Mainly because I don’t actually recommend any of the products I’ve seen that are supposed to help with finding jobs. I find that most resume help is irrelevant due to the fact that you have to post your job history via online forms or online applications rather than simply send a resume.

Also, a few years ago my husband was laid off. He makes about 1/3 of his former salary. I would like to eventually earn enough so that I can let him quit his job. He takes such good care of me, and I would really like him to be the stay at home spouse instead of me. It’s the way I thought it would always work.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great holiday and have a happy new year.

I really do think this is the year I find a job. I mean, I am setting my sites a little lower. I have even put in apps with temp firms. If you’re reading this, do you have experience with being an older mom who left the workforce?



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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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