The benefit of a Masters

I’m glad that I have my Masters degree. It gave me a lot of confidence, and the experience earning it is something I would not want to have missed. But, does it really help one find a job? I think the answer is: It depends.

Is the Masters specific enough? 

Choosing a Masters that is very specific that people understand is an important aspect. Masters in Accounting. Masters in Financial Planning. Masters in Cyber Security. Masters in Math. Etc… Mine is Masters in Human Environmental Science with a concentration in Interactive Technology.

You don’t know what this is do you? No one else does either. Time and again I have to explain what this degree is. Human Environmental Science is the study of how humans act /react in their environment. Since mine is a a specialization in Interactive Technology then that means I’m an expert on how humans interact in the environment of technology or using technology such as text messaging, emailing, social media, Skype, etc…

Yea, no one still understands what this is or what good it is. I do know that it was interesting and is still interesting to me and I also have many skills that would be super useful to an employer. But, it’s difficult in the 20 seconds they look at your resume, or cover letter to explain.  And, in spite of what some believe, it’s even harder explaining it during an interview.

Do you have substantial experience in the field?

That’s right, you really need to have substantial experience in the area that you plan to earn your Masters in. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get job interviews as a career changer. This can be especially true if you’re really just starting your career, as a former stay at home mom. Granted, the education you receive can be used to help you run your own business instead of working for someone else, that’s what I do now. But, what if you want a job? Well, get a Masters in something only after you have experience doing the entry level variety of what you want to do after your Masters degree.

Getting a Masters is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. If it’s something you really want to do, do it. But, unless you know for certain that it will help you advance in your current career, give it a lot of thought considering the substantial debt you will likely have to take on.

Here is another article I read recently about a person with a Masters who is applying for administrative assistant positions, like me, who also can’t seem to find a job. He is still of the thought that more education is better. But, when it comes to entry level, or lower paying jobs this just isn’t the case, IMO.

I am going to do my own experiment. I’m going to apply for positions and leave off my Masters degree. I want to see if that gets me ore interviews. I am also going to leave off one of my jobs which I quit suddenly due to the behavior of my employers. I was justified, morally, but in the world of career this doesn’t work out. I shouldn’t have done it. But, I do believe this one job is probably affecting me in a bad way. Let’s see if this helps at all.

In the meantime, I continue with my business. I got a new client, plus I am almost done with my second book I will publish on Kindle. So, life goes on.


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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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