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Interviews! New Strategy is Working or?

Well, well, well, guess what I have interviews this coming week. I also have Jury Duty the week after. Of course. One of the interviews is in an area I desperately want to be in, you know what it is, … Continue reading

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The benefit of a Masters

I’m glad that I have my Masters degree. It gave me a lot of confidence, and the experience earning it is something I would not want to have missed. But, does it really help one find a job? I think … Continue reading

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Definition of a career

I looked up “midlife careers” to see what I’d find. I usually find some stupid advice that doesn’t help anyone that someone obviously pulled out of their ass. Today I found this gem: 10 New Careers After Age 50 When … Continue reading

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The silence is deafening

I don’t know what’s worse. Going to interviews that are a waste of my time, or not even getting one call. I’m starting to think getting a Masters degree has ruined any chance I have of ever getting a good … Continue reading

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New Year and New Job Applications

Today I have applied for 7 jobs. As the rejections or interview requests come in, I’ll tell you all about them. But, know this: Not one job pays more than 11 dollars an hour. I think I’ve finally accepted the … Continue reading

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Why advertise how rich you are if you’re so cheap?

I’ve noticed a lot of advertisements on the job boards that include how wealthy the company is, such as: …… a 22 billion dollar company, doing this that and the other, is looking for someone to work for barely over … Continue reading

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You can be a substitute teacher

A friend of mine told me yesterday that I should apply to be a substitute teacher. I’ve toyed with the idea for over two years now, and done nothing to move forward with it. So, today I moved forward with … Continue reading

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Of course I want you to work for free

In the course of my business life, I often reply to job postings on the Internet. I don’t know why I continue doing that since 9 times out of 10, it’s spam. But, if I have a few minutes to … Continue reading

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Women probably can have it all, we just don’t want it

After having a day or so to think about it, and then reading the article that the discussion was about (you can read it here: Why Women Still Can’t Have It All), I’ve received a bit of feedback. I want … Continue reading

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Hard to fill jobs, tips to employers

I just finished reading an article about hard to fill jobs on Monster. One of the hard to fill jobs is Administrative Assistants. Well, as someone who has applied for numerous administrative assistant positions since oh, forever, both before and … Continue reading

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