Time flies

Well, I am still regularly applying for jobs. Probably 50 a week. I’m not even getting interviews at this point. Well, I did get an interview at a furniture store, but I decided I didn’t want the job since it was far away, not in academia and one of those desperate late night applications that have nothing to do with what I want to do.

My oldest daughter is getting married the week before thanksgiving, and we’ve been busy moving to a new apartment. Plus I still have my business. So things are good, but I still want a job in academia. So now I’m struggling with what direction to take in continuing my education.

I am considering getting another Masters degree, this time in academic advising. A really good point about this degree is it’s at Kansas State University, which is essentially home to me as much as Alabama is. Plus, it’s online. To get to graduate from both my favorite schools in both my favorite places would be a huge rush… but, is it worth it? I don’t know.

My other choice is to get a Masters in Accounting. But I am not sure how that will further my chances of getting a job in a college or university. So, I have a while to worry about it and plan to make my choice in December and apply to whichever program I really want to do. I just don’t want to waste more money on more education that doesn’t do anything for my goals.

On a happy note, I have lost about 40 lbs. My husband and I are on a entirely plant based diet, and we are feeling really awesome. He’s lost 25 lbs and I’ve lost 40! He doesn’t need to lose more but I do. Maybe that will help me get a job? We’ll find out. I just feel like employers are truly missing out on someone who is very dedicated and loves education and young adults. I know I would be a great value to any organization. It’s not fair to be penalized for being a stay at home mom all these years, or for having a business to help me continue being a stay at home mom.


About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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