Of course I want you to work for free

In the course of my business life, I often reply to job postings on the Internet. I don’t know why I continue doing that since 9 times out of 10, it’s spam. But, if I have a few minutes to send information or get information from an advertisement that looks promising, I go ahead and take the chance.

First, I’ll explain what I do. I write custom content for websites, and on occasion for a really good client, I will be a virtual administrative assistant and do other tasks such as upload content to their website, edit content, write and send correspondence, and pretty much anything a secretary can do. I will, even answer calls forwarded to me at specified times. And yes, I charge for every hour I am to be on call, not just phone time.

For all of these services I charge money. I mean, imagine that. I need money to live and pay my bills. Yes, I also need money to go on vacations and buy shoes and purses. My fees can range between 65 an hour, and 30 an hour depending on how many hours the client buys, or whether they pay per service via package rates, or whether I’m managing others or not. There are many factors that go into the fee, but again, I charge for my time — a fair rate for the type of service I offer.

The other day, I sent my resume to an advertisement I found on WAHM.com. The advertisement claimed I could make up to 20 an hour, and even though this is below my rate, I responded.  I’m posting portions of our email conversation below.

From me, 1st inquiry.

From him, is first answer

From me, 2nd response — feeling miffed. Answering from my phone, even though I don’t normally do that.

His answer, trying to dodge the idea he wants someone to work for free.

Me saying — no thanks!

Note: I regret this was by my phone’s voice to text, lol since it has errors. But hey, I knew I wasn’t getting the job anyway, since no job existed. But still, I won’t do that again! lol

His response

My final response

Was I harsh? Did I just have PMS? Did I just throw away a good client? I don’t know. I do know that I deal with a lot of crap like this. I get at least one email a day suggesting I write for free to get experience. Once I got a request to write an ebook for a client, do all the work, including research, etc… upload it to Kindle Direct and get only a percentage of sales. LOL, NO Thank you!

I am going to be paid for my time, all of it. Period. Of course I will edit work to a point… even editing has a point of end. I will also give a refund if the client is not happy. I won’t however, let them keep the work if they don’t pay for it!

If I hire a contractor to design my house, I still pay for his time, even if I ultimately choose someone else’s design. That’s why you research people you hire.

Do you like their example work?

Do you like the terms of their contract?

Pay people for their work!

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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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