Updates: Dream Job, and Mommy Stuff

missing piece of the puzzleI didn’t get the local community college job. I got two decline letters from that school since I applied for and interviewed for two jobs there. I got a second interview for the full time good paying job. I didn’t get it. I was not sad because of the fact that I am interviewing for my dream job on Jan 12, 2012.

See, sometime during my graduate school experience I realized that I wanted to be an Instructional Designer. It’s amazing how well instructional design fits in with my personality and my experience as a ghost writer. See, I don’t write novels, I am basically a technical writer. Ghost writer is just the term that is used within my group of work at home moms. As an Internet marketer I have learned to use the keyword terms that are most popular.

This is why I get so many hits on my writing website, and why I get hired by so many strangers. I use the right keywords and get the right visitors. But really, I’m a technical writer… and, yes, I don’t get credit because the buyer gets all rights including the right to put their name as the author.

I write a lot of “How To” articles with screen shots. Sometimes I even make videos my voice included or sometimes silent for the buyer to add in their voice via a script I write. It just depends on what the client wants and is comfortable with. I also market myself as a Virtual Assistant which means I literally do anything that has to do with “content” for my client from writing it, to producing it, to editing video, to closed captioning video, to uploading it all to the web, and more. If it has to do with content and the net I do it.

My dream job basically involves using technology to create lessons with information I extract from subject matter experts in a form that can be used in online learning. I would be in my own office, maybe 8 hours a day, alone, with no interaction from others except when I am talking to subject matter experts or when I am in meetings. I’ll be designing and creating about 10 complete courses per semester. What fun!

Currently, I’m working very hard on my presentation for my final interview at the dream job location! YES! I passed my first interview. But, yet once again they are only checking my references now, right before I go into my interview. I’m telling you, if I were in charge of interviewing I’d check references before I talked to anyone. It’s very nerve wracking. I think that I can explain my past, and look forward to my future now that I know the situation is exactly what I thought it was. What I see as perfectly good reasons for leaving jobs in the past is seen as “job hopping”. I look unreliable. If only they knew that I’m more dedicated to this than I’ve been to anything in my life other than parenting and my girls are grown! This job or not, I will be an instructional designer.

I will dedicate 20 or more years of my life to this career with the same enthusiasm I gave to my girls. The plan I developed in the post below is taking form already. I am going to give it my all in the face to face interview which is actually an entire day long! If I am not hired, then the plan is implemented. I will also go back to graduate school and get the degree from K-STATE in academic advising. That might help me get my foot in the door since I have noticed that some of the jobs for ID’s are multifaceted requiring other duties aside from the ID job. If that doesn’t work I’ll go ahead and get the ID degree from Emporia State although I think my Interactive Tech degree from UA and my experience should be good enough. Even if it’s not, I will leave no stone unturned to pursue this dream. My dream school and my dream job will happen.

I am really loving this feeling I have. It took me 45 years to realize what I wanted to be when I grow up! This is the first time I am glad I went to college later in life, the first time I don’t feel like I missed the boat! Because, without doing everything exactly the way I did I would not be prepared for a job like this. So mommy gap, be damned. This is going to happen.

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