My Plan to break the glass ceiling?

A client of mine, who is a small business expert, recently helped me deal with the issue of employers crossing me off their list for ridiculous reasons.

Most employers realize that supervisors move on to other jobs and that keeping track of them might not happen. It’s one reason why you provide a list of professional references. These are people who have given permission to be called to talk about you. Plus, it’s far more important to talk to those I work with NOW — because, I am far more educated, far more experienced, and well just a completely different person now in every way.

I used to have to put my kids first for instance, now they’re all grown, married or otherwise on their own! I’m FREE! One reason I could not keep the daycare job was because of my kids. There are no school busses to school from where I live.

When you work at a daycare you cannot just leave at 3 to transport kids, and you have to be there prior to 8am. (Sure, say you can hire someone all you want but until you’ve tried to hire someone you have no room to question, believe me I did hire people, and I did try to get help! But if you’re only earning 1800 a month or less after taxes, insurance, etc.. it’s hard to afford help!)

I am a successful business owner, I am highly educated. I deserve a great position with a lot of responsibility — and I will get it eventually, or I’ll just have a more successful business.

Here is my plan to escape the Mommy Gap:


  • Volunteer at both of my college alumni associations locally
  • Teach at some courses Osher lifelong learning center – Volunteer
  • Get more active in the chamber which I TELL OTHERS TO DO (LOL)
  • Finish my dang Virtual Assistant course that I have been working on forever
  • Redo the course at online marketing for the offline business to include QR codes and to be more professional (I did it for school) and truly market it.
  • Only apply for jobs at community colleges and Universities that I REALLY WANT one day a week (right now I do it continuously when I am not writing and I lost my focus)
  • Build a great portfolio of courses: the VA course, the online marketing course and anything else I can think of that I can teach
  • Keep writing and working for the clients I love only (this job search made me weed out clients that aren’tĀ dependable, don’t pay on time, and are super-duper picky in a bad way and want to talk 4 hrs on the phone without charge)


One of two things will happen:


  1. I’ll keep making more money every year like I have been (my income for this year is 12 percent over my income from last year)
  2. I’ll get an advising job that involves teaching and helping at a community college or University — which I don’t care if it’s full time, or part time.*

So, it’ll all work out. It’s kind of good to learn about what is “out there” though.


*If it’s part time it has to be local.


About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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