I’m going to faint…………dream job….

woman twirling in beautiful landscape of grass and skyOkay so it’s just a phone interview next week, but still, they’re calling ME from my resume and application and cover letter. ME.  Yea, my dream school, my dream job……. Okay it’s not near my best friend Cindy in Kansas, but it’s still the very job I want, that I plan to get even more education for if needed….. and they are calling me for a phone interview next week!

ALSO: A little birdy told me that my references that I listed ARE being called. Finally! That’s completely awesome. Now, I just need to breath in and out, and think clearly and realize that I deserve these jobs that I apply for. Maybe not more than someone else, not saying that, but as much as someone else, even if I did choose to work from home for 25 years and “try out” some jobs before I figured out what I want to do. But, now that I know, nothing is going to stop me.

Getting INTERVIEWS is probably equal to more than half the battle. I usually, when I want to, interview well…. so wow, I’m really excited again and the roller coaster is kind of fun and exciting.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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