Can’t talk to direct supervisors

I got a call today from one of the directors of a job I applied for. Apparently, instead of calling the professional references I listed, they’re calling all my former employers, specifically supervisors some of which are defunct.

They are angry and upset that they can’t get these supervisors. OKAY why are they calling them, I’ve had my own business for years, why aren’t they calling the professional references I listed who are clients of mine that I have had longer than a year? Apparently I can’t get a job if 1) a business went under 2) my supervisor doesn’t work there anymore and 3) the supervisor won’t return calls and 4) an audio phone system picks up requiring the caller to choose a number.

These are reasons not to hire a new person. It doesn’t matter if the person has a Graduate degree, interviewed well, tested well, and has a successful business with perfectly great references to call who would talk to them, they just want to talk to people I obviously didn’t want to work with anymore. I bet this system makes it really hard for people who worked for businesses that went under. Most people do not keep in touch with former supervisors when they stopped working there anymore. If you’re friends with your supervisor, perhaps you keep track of them, but most of us aren’t friends with our supervisors, if we were we would not have quit our job to work for ourselves.

This process makes me feel sad for the employers who will likely hire someone who has no work ethic but is rather robotic in their endeavors since they probably kept jobs for years and years that they hated because they could not envision another way to earn money. Let’s be honest here, I quit those other jobs because they sucked! They offered no challenge, no real supervision, and no upward mobility and lousy pay & benefits.

While I don’t have benefits now, I don’t feel like slitting my wrists. I want a job that requires intelligence and thought, and to work with people who respect my intelligence and thoughts. The way some of these organizations go about determining whether you’re right for the job or not seems a little wrong headed to me. Why ask for a list of references if you’re not going to call those? Sure, call the old work places, but ALSO call the list of references that you asked the applicant to supply.

I am SO GLAD that this is just a dream of mine and not a NEED. I can make money anytime I want, online, from home, in my jammies just fine thank you very much!


PS. There was one job that I loved, but there were issues I can’t name. I would have and often did work from sun up till sun down happily there…. I STILL miss that job. (it was a preschool)

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2 Responses to Can’t talk to direct supervisors

  1. It is a bit disheartening to hear this, but if they are contacting places you have worked and asking to speak to people that don’t work there, you may have a lawsuit in the works. I’m not sure about the rest of the U.S. but in the state of Tennessee, a future employer is basically only allowed to ask a few specific questions: Did you work there, Would they hire you back, What was the person’s salary. … and for the most part that is it.

    If you have proof that they are contacting these folks, you may want to consult an attourney

  2. themommygap says:

    I don’t know I don’t think it’s illegal to call them, and no one is saying anything bad. But for some reason they don’t like it if they will only say that yes, I worked there and that they can’t talk to “direct” supervisors. I did find these people’s fresh contact info though, but it may be too late. Which frankly is okay, I suppose.

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