Well I didn’t get that job!

Oh boy I am not sure what happened to me today but I went to the Part Time interview… I most definitely was not on my best today. I could not find the place, then I almost fell down because my heal got caught in the hem of my pants. Then, the panel was so deadpan no matter what I said. This is the least impressive job out of all the positions I’ve applied for, but since I am not proud and I want to break into a community college starting at the bottom if I must, I applied anyway.

Anyway so I was so frazzled walking into the panel that I just could not really focus on my answers. Plus, some of the questions to me were so typical. They were reading them like robots off a list. I answered fully but one of the interviewers was like “is that an answer?” and I said “yes!” Then someone else asked another robotic question and I was so focused on how the question was read that I almost could not remember what to say when it was my turn to talk… I did answer it though… but I could feel the energy in the room was “off” so I am sure I won’t be called back. You know how you can just TELL that something went well or not.

I’m positive my hair was a complete jacked up mess too since the wind was blowing so hard. My hair is the type that is curly, but I had straightened it for the interview and the wind had blown it to pieces and there was no time for me to check myself in the bathroom first… so I’m sure it was sticking up all over. They probably were only focused on my crazy hair and not me. I guess you win some and lose some.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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