My confidence level is going down

I know the holidays probably have something to do with no more calls from all my applications but I can’t help but feel discouraged. I keep applying, daily, and just keep hoping someone takes me seriously enough to know that in spite of my former life of job hopping (finding myself) and my status as a business owner now, I really, really, really want to work at a college or university.

I don’t want to do it only for the money. I am fully capable of earning money from home, and do, very single day. I earned about 48 dollars last night while I slept. I know that isn’t much to some, but hey, I was not working, I was sleeping! For me this is about a dream to do something that matters in the lives of others. To work around people who care about education. To make a difference.

I have spent my entire adult life making a difference to my spouse and my kids and family and now I want to be really selfish and do what I want to do, which is work at in education. When I went to college my original career choice was teaching, but I was convinced I could never be a teacher because I couldn’t get advanced education. But I’ve done it,and I continue to do it, so I am switching careers because I want to, not because I must. OF COURSE I am doing this during a recession…. not sure if that really matters or not. Time will tell, I guess.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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