Phone Interview

Wow I don’t think I like phone interviews. They asked three questions and I probably gave okay answers. I wish I could have stopped my brain from moving 1million miles a minute. I had planned not to gush about the job and how great of an opportunity it is, and instead treat it the way I do my clients, which is to make sure we’re a good fit… but no, that didn’t work.

Right before the interview I read the job description again and that got me so excited and super motivated. I know we’d be happy there, in Kansas, and I know I’d be fabulous at that position. I really care a lot about education, and especially distance education. Before I went back to school to earn my Masters I didn’t really know if college by distance could work, but it does. In fact, I learned more than in class personally. Why? There is no room for teachers who are slackers. The curriculum is set, the classes are created.. the lectures already recorded. The only thing the instructor has to do now is guide the students through the learning process giving them the tools and confidence to navigate the technology.

Online education works no matter whether your learning style is visual, auditory or kinesthetic. You watch the lecture, you read the lecture, you can listen to the lecture and you can do hands-on assignments designed to demonstrate what you learned. Instructional designers, instructors and student guides  must consider all those factors prior to opening the class, then they must be open to learning from their students so that they can adjust the class and improve it as students move through the course and give feedback.

While you can do similar styles in the classroom you’re limited to 1 hour per class, and interruptions that you don’t have with online education. I predict that students will prove that online students have higher competencies than off line students in many core and elective courses.

Anyway, I really want that job. I have to go write a thank you note now.

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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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