More applications

Even though I have interviews I am not resting. I am still doing at least one application per day. I’m crossing off certain places like Texas. I know it is very hot there. I wish it wasn’t, but that place and Arizona are definitely off my list due to the heat waves they experience on a regular basis.

It’s exciting doing something new like this, changing my career plans and finding a job within a community college or university. Some of my work from home counterparts don’t understand but they are supportive. I know I’ll always writing for others, and do work from home. I love affiliate marketing, niche blogging and that type of thing so even when I am working all day I’ll come home and do that because I do love it.

But I really, really, really have a passion for this career change. Otherwise I would keep doing what I am doing and not bother with the idea of putting on a suit, or clothing more complicated than my jammies or sweat pants. lol Yea, putting on a suit isn’t my thing, but I really want to do it because I really want this.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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