Score! Will have my first interview soon!

Okay it’s a phone interview but man am I excited, nervous, and feeling hopeful today! After the typing test I haven’t heard anything from any of the jobs I have applied for, and lately I haven’t had much compulsion to keep applying but I know I need to keep applying every single day to be successful… so this is going to give me the incentive. I’m actually getting calls, and letters, and typing tests and now an interview!  This is the coveted Iola job. I’m so excited I cannot wait until my husband gets home. I cannot concentrate on writing about writing (yea I’m writing about writing) for a client of mine even though the sooner I finish the sooner I get paid. I’m too jacked up waiting to tell my husband.

Husband was supposed to work only a couple of hours today but somehow he’s still at work. Poor thing has worked late every night without any time off for a while. I find it odd when places lay off people, then make the people left behind work 10 or more hours overtime a week. Seems less expensive to keep the employees who were laid off. But, what do I know. I only run a business and have a business degree.

Anyway, I digress. I have a job interview. It’s on the phone, but it is a start. The pay isn’t the highest, but it is doable considering where it is and the cost of living. Plus I can add to my income by continuing writing for clients, so no big deal. If all goes well I’ll finally realize my dream of working at a real job, that uses my education, in a college! My heart needs to stop beating so fast!

The other thoughts in my mind is how I’ll need to buy a winter coat since I have not had one since 1999 when I moved to Alabama! We have needed them lately here too but I tend to just wear layers and my Kansas State hoodie that my best friend Cindy gave me. I’ll need to invest in warmer attire, and probably long underwear. While I’m not a big fan of being cold, I do like having four seasons. I also LOVE the wind and the air in Kansas. What an adventure life is.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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