Please report for a typing test

I finally got a “bite” on a job!  I got a card in the mail to show up next Wednesday to take a typing test. (and no it can’t be rescheduled) Lucky for me this is one of the local positions I applied for. What is strange to me about taking a typing test is that most of my life I’ve either worked as an administrative assistant, secretary, business manager , office manager or writer, to me it just goes to show that I can type.

I told my husband about this test and he laughed so hard I thought he would choke on his dinner. His laughing made me laugh. But deep inside it got me worried. The job requires a college degree and 65 words per minute accurate typing. So, I got online and found a typing test I could take free. I typed only 75 words a minute. This was a shock since back in gosh the 80’s before computers I typed 65 to 70 WPM on a typewriter. In the 90’s I typed 80 and even a few test showed 90 WPM (I went to a junior college and had to take keyboarding).

I know why I am slower now. I mostly write for a living now, so I look at the screen and when I make a mistake I back space rather automatically, and the test counts that as a mistake. In order to type with no mistakes I can only type about 65 to 70 WPM when looking at the item I am typing. I do SOOO wish I’d have my new glasses prior to the test but I’m only going to the doctor on Monday so I’m out of luck there. I have to wear freaking bifocals now and apparently in the last year my eyes have gotten much worse since I have to do acrobatics to be able to see a line of text. (especially directions on medication, or boxes of food)

But, I am positive the test isn’t going to make or break me since I have to only type 65 WPM to “pass” this little test. I do wonder what someone would do if they applied for the job and were not local. There are no provisions on the card to test if you are out of state. I hope that doesn’t prove to be an issue with the other jobs I’ve applied to. Maybe I can use this test result for other jobs?I find it amazing that relatively average to low paying jobs require so many hoops to be jumped through. I have a lot to offer, more than my typing skill, but hey if the are going to judge me mostly on that, fine with me. I’m pretty sure I am above average in that department, since raising four daughters may have caused “gaps” in my employment it did not keep me from typing.


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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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