Internet apps or by mail?

One thing that has been going on in the job search arena is the advent of online applications rather than sending resumes in the mail. They still teach classes about how to write a resume to make yourself look better. Chronological, Educational, Skills, etc… formatting to make yourself look better and avoid highlighting gaps in employment. But now, with online applications that require you to put in every last job from the high school onward, you can’t trick the system.

There is no possible way to make yourself look better with an online application. It makes you put in the days, months and years of employment and warns you repeatedly not to leave anything out. Never mind that if you have ever worked for a Temp agency (especially Manpower), they delete you out of their system after a few years and you can never prove you ever worked there unless you send for your social security records which will list every job you’ve ever had. Never mind that some of the jobs are completely irrelevant to the job you’re applying for and never mind if you just want to leave a job off just because it embarrasses you that you ever worked there… you gotta put them all.

Then you look at it and feel like a loser. How do you explain that you were a military wife and had to move with your husband? How do you explain that the job was just not what was advertised and the people you worked with where bat shit crazy? I miss the days of doctoring a resume to look better. Sure, I still have to upload a resume but honestly, after you spend hours filling out the damn application what is the point of the resume. Thankfully some places are letting you save the online resume so if you apply there again you can reuse it… but why can’t I just upload my dang resume? Why do I have to spend two hours filling out their online application? I should be allowed to say SEE RESUME, after all it’s all there. They can simply require that the resume be complete and in a specific order if they want but still it would save HOURS of time to just upload the resume. I feel like a data entry operator.

I make 30 dollars an hour so my time is worth a lot, and right now because I REALLY REALLY want a job at a community college, I spend about four hours a day filling out applications online and yes, uploading my resume too, and I just find that the way a lot of places are using technology to be ineffective. Why make people repeat things? Is it a test? Is it designed to see how much shit you’ll put up with to get hired? If so I guess I’m willing to put up with lots of shit. 🙂

I have run into a couple of schools who let you mail in your information but all, without exception require you to fill out their job application form, which requires you to repeat your work history chronologically on the form instead of just looking at the resume. Some of them have very tiny areas in which to write your experience which is much too small. If they want all that information then they should give you more room or make the form so that it allows you to get more room.

Well that’s my rant for the day….. Another day, no phone calls. Two more apps filled out.


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Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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