A little history

I thought for my first post, I should tell you a little history about myself in relation to my work history. You can see my basic resume by clicking here.  Yea, I’ve jumped around jobs a little bit the last few years. But, I’ll tell you why.

  • The jobs sucked
  • The jobs weren’t what was promised
  • I made more working from home
  • The jobs were not emotionally fulfilling
  • Some of the jobs had crazy managers or owners

See, when I went out into the “real” working world after getting my degree, I honestly thought I would be offered a decent living wage, plus I had every expectation that I would be treated well too. The problem is, that was not the case. I got low pay, few benefits, and in my opinion I was often mistreated.

I’ll never forget one job I had, the owner actually asking me to miss something at my daughter’s school in favor of working, so she could get her hair and nails done. I kid you not. Another job I had the spouse was really the boss (in fact this was a problem at more than one job) and I was very conflicted about my loyalty to my “real” boss vs. the “fake” boss. I was often told conflicting things and it made me crazy. There was also lots of yelling and screaming, and uncomfortable moments in this job. I was also promised a certain number of benefits, which I did not get.

One of my jobs required me to drive over 2000 miles a month. This was hard on my car, and hard on my back, which had been previously injured in a car accident. The pay was OK — for what I was doing, and it even had benefits, but since it required heavy lifting, and driving so much, I had to quit due to the toll it was taking on my health, and my car. I only took that job due to desperation to have health insurance. It was not my “dream” job. A trained monkey could do it, and a college degree was not required. The main thing you needed for this job was the ability to spend long hours on the road bored, sucking down energy drinks to avoid sleeping on the road, and the ability to overlook that Wal-mart sucks.

Only one of the jobs I have had could have been my dream job. I worked at a daycare and was supposed to become the director, but that did not work out. I did become an assistant director, but I felt like I was being set up to be the fall guy for some issues, so I resigned. Plus, the pay was really lousy, it was salary. I worked from early in the morning to late after dinner, most days clocking 12 hours or more. I had to do that because I was too busy subbing in classrooms for teachers who did not show up.

I LOVED the job though anyway. I really did. In spite of receiving no training for my job, and being thrown to the wolves, I could envision the future, and I knew I could do well at that job. I also loved getting hugs from the kids every day. It was a huge disappointment to realize it was not going to work out. At the time I was a single mom so the hours, and the lack of school buses in my area caused huge problems for me and my kids. I stuck to this job a lot longer than I should have considering the lousy work conditions and being yelled at often by a spouse at this job too.

Now that my girls are grown, and my step-daughter is in her final year of high school, I want a job at a community college or university. This time I am not going to settle for just any job due to the health insurance, because I am fortunate that my husband has his job.  Having said that, we’re willing to move. I’ve even applied to community colleges in Kansas. I’m that serious about this. I want this and I hope I can have it. But I have my doubts right now.

Aside from jumping around jobs I was literally a stay at home mom / wife from 1984 to 1999. Yes, I did run a home business, yes I did raise kids, yes I occasionally worked at manpower… but I was first a stay at home mom. At that time I didn’t even see my home business as a business. I saw it as a hobby, something I did to keep myself interested, learning, and in the loop. I saw it as working on skills for when my girls were grown and I went to work, which I thought would happen after they went to college.

After graduating college in 2005 after a divorce in 1999, I needed to get a job. I still saw my business as a hobby, and I did not have health insurance and alimony was going to end. So, I took what I could find, which was not much. I was literally offered $8.50 an hour for some very responsible positions out of college, that required a college degree. I made a lot more than that as a bartender! I made a lot more than that in my business that until those “offers” came in, I thought was a hobby.

It boggles the mind that I could have a business degree, run a successful business ( I have never been on welfare or taken any public assistance even as a single mom), putting myself through college with a combination of working at home, child support and alimony. I  was so disappointed after finishing college, that I was being offered more to work at MCD’s than at very responsible human resources jobs, management positions, and office positions that required a bachelors. It makes no sense, but in hindsight I see what was happening, the recession was happening. Even so, it was a huge disappointment.

In 2009 I made a new commitment to my business and to get a Masters. I was sick of working for people who did not appreciate me. I didn’t plan on quitting that job, but I had a run in with a spouse again, and thought fuck it, I am not putting up with this shit anymore. So I quit. When I quit, on the verse of a nervous breakdown, I did not envision desiring to work outside the home business again. After all, why would I considering how I was treated. Nothing I did was appreciated and I’m not bragging when I say I was good at my job. I always work very hard and take ownership of every job I have. I am not a slacker. I am the type of person when there is “nothing” to do, I find things to do related to the business. I find ways to make it better. I perfect systems, I find ways to save money, I CARE ABOUT THE BUSINESS. But, as they say, it seems no good deed goes unpunished.

Anyway, going back to college made me remember what I loved so much about my work study job in 2001. This was a job where I actually got treated great, and felt respected. I helped set up and network 30 computers. I helped students with papers, and people seemed to value my opinion about things. I loved being around everyone at the college.

I loved the smell of the building, I loved the students, I loved the teachers, I loved the staff. I felt happy, and alive when I was at worked there. I only made 8 dollars an hour then too, and had no health benefits, but I loved it. I loved being in school too. At that time, I had a little inkling about working at a college or university — but I never saw myself going past an associates, then when I moved to Huntsville to pursue my bachelors, I just kind of forgot about that.

Going to graduate school, and getting to be a teaching assistant, and working closely with my professors, and other graduate students made me get the “bug” again to work at a college. This time I am not going to give up. Whatever I have to do, even if I have to move to a cold place like North Dakota, I will do it to get a good job at a college and then move up in that system. I even now hope to get my Doctorate someday. If you would have told me I’d feel that way in 2000 when I first started school at Enterprise State Community College I would have thought you were nuts.

Anyway that’s the history.

Next I will start posting about each job I apply for, and I’ll rant about the lack of results.

About themommygap

Mom, Wife, Business owner, trying to break into a career out of the home.
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